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Venus(R) Launches the Brand's Most Advanced Disposable Razor for an Ultra-Close Shave

Leading Shaving Brand Expands Portfolio with New Disposable and Refillable Razors; First In-Shower Moisturizer and Bikini Trimmer


Monday, April 26, 2010 8:08 am EDT



Public Company Information:

"We also see the opportunity to educate about how, with the right tools, women can improve the shaving experience that many see as a chore. Ultimately, it's about delivering the smooth, soft skin that we know will help women feel more confident and beautiful."

BOSTON--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Venus(R) [PG], the global female shaving brand that has helped more than 40 million women reveal their inner goddess, has expanded its portfolio of disposable razors to include variants with distinct features at a range of price points, better meeting the needs of the 56 percent of women using disposable razors, many of them inferior two-blade versions.(1) In line with P&G's mission to serve more consumers more completely, the new line-up includes our first five-bladed disposable razor, Venus Embrace(R) Disposables, at the premium end of the portfolio, and Simply Venus Disposables at the value end of the spectrum. In addition to innovation in the disposables category, other offerings to enhance women's hair removal experience include new Venus Bikini Trimmer, new Satin Care In-Shower Moisturizer and reformulated Satin Care(R) shave gels, and original Venus Embrace, Venus' most advanced female shaving system, now available in a vibrant pink color.

"At Venus we really seek to understand the unique needs of women, and to deliver a variety of superior products to meet those needs," said James Pratt, Marketing Director, Venus, North America, P&G. "We also see the opportunity to educate about how, with the right tools, women can improve the shaving experience that many see as a chore. Ultimately, it's about delivering the smooth, soft skin that we know will help women feel more confident and beautiful."

The Product Line-Up

Venus Disposables:

For women seeking a perfect shave with no missed hairs, even around tricky areas like knees and ankles, the award-winning Venus Embrace technology is now available in a disposable form. Venus Embrace Disposable razors feature five curve-hugging blades, a Protective Ribbon of Moisture with five times more glide enhancers than the original Venus, and a ComfortGrip handle for increased control while shaving.

For women who demand maximum convenience, Venus offers Venus Spa Breeze Disposable razors, the first 2-in-1 disposable razor, with built-in shave gel bars infused with a white tea scent, eliminating the need for a separate shave gel.

Also available is an updated line of three-bladed Venus Disposables, in the same range of vibrant colors and fragrances, but with an improved handle for better maneuverability in wet and soapy environments.

Finally, for women seeking the most affordable shaving solution, there is Simply Venus(TM) Disposable razors, which feature a three-bladed pivoting head to provide a closer shave with less irritation than two-bladed Venus disposable razors.

Venus Embrace:

One of the best-selling female razors in the U.S. since its February 2008 introduction, the original Venus Embrace razor, with five blades and a Protective Ribbon of Moisture, is now available with a new vibrant pink SoftGrip gel handle.

Venus Bikini:

As approximately 53 percent(2) of women use scissors to trim hair in the bikini region, a method that can be awkward and uncomfortable, Venus seeks to make bikini trimming convenient and easy with the introduction of our first-ever bikini trimmer. Designed as the perfect complement to Venus Embrace, which helps clean and shape bikini hair to reveal bare skin, the Venus Bikini trimmer features a single blade encased by a protective comb for safe and effective bikini hair trimming. The trimmer is available individually or as part of a kit that includes Venus Embrace for bikini shaving, Venus Bikini trimmer and an Olay bikini lotion for soothing post-shave moisturization.

Shave Care:

To improve the shaving experience by enhancing razor glide and protecting from nicks and cuts, Satin Care shave gels have been reformulated to provide up to 35 percent more glide than previous variants. Satin Care shave gels are available in seven varieties including two new additions - Cooling Sensation, which contains sparkling menthol and eucalyptus oil to leave skin feeling refreshed, and Floral Passion(R), which features an infusion of jasmine, rose and vibrant orchid scents. The canisters also feature an exciting new design that will help them stand out in-store and better appeal to today's consumer.

To help beautify skin after shaving,2010 marks the introduction of the first-ever Satin Care In-Shower Moisturizer. With up to 24-hour moisture lock after five days of consecutive use, Satin Care In-Shower Moisturizer hydrates and conditions skin after shaving, sealing in moisture to provide satiny-smooth legs right out of the shower. This new in-shower moisturizer is available in two varieties - Sensitive and Dry Skin.

Pricing and Availability

This new line-up of women's razors is available in food, drug, club and mass merchandise stores. Venus Embrace, which includes the refillable razor, two cartridges and Shower Pod(TM), has a suggested retail price of $9.99 - $15.99 [U.S.] A package of four Venus Embrace refill cartridges has a suggested retail price of $13.49 -$14.99 [U.S.] The suggested retail price for Satin Care shave gel is $1.99 - $3.49 [U.S.] and Satin Care In-Shower Moisturizer is $3.99 - $4.99 [U.S.] The Venus Bikini Trimmer has a suggested retail price of $4.99 [U.S.], and the Venus Bikini kit, which includes Embrace, Venus Bikini Trimmer and Olay Bikini lotion, will retail for approximately $9.99 - $13.99 [U.S.]

The Venus portfolio of disposable razors is available in food, drug, club and mass merchandise stores. The suggested retail price for a three-pack of Venus Embrace Disposables is $9.99 - $13.99 [U.S.] and a two-pack of Venus Spa Breeze Disposables retails for $6.99 - $9.49 [U.S.] Venus Disposable razors including Venus Tropical, Venus Oceana, Venus Malibu and Venus Sensitive, range from $7.59 - $9.99 [U.S.] for a three-pack. A three-pack of Simply Venus Disposables razors is $5.59 - $7.49 [U.S.]

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(1) 2008 National Consumer Study, Female Blades and Razors U.S. Data: 43% use 2-blade disposable

(2) The survey was conducted online and was launched and managed by the Research Now external agency. This survey was fielded in the US, among 1018 women; the UK, among 1008 women; and Italy among 1001 women.